Let's Talk Cake!

Brick Wall Cakes are meant to be viewed from all sides. Pops of color and accents from nature add depth and an artistic flair to each cake. Pricing is dependant on a number of variables that include but are not limited to design, decor, and size. All menu items are made with all natural plant-based ingredients, but may contain allergens such as wheat, soy, and nuts.

Occation cakes come in 6" rounds stacked in 3-4 layers. 

Two tiered cakes come in 5-8" rounds stacked in 3-4 layers.

I have put together a flavor pairings menu inspired by the seasons and some of my favorite flavor combinations that is availiable upon request. The menu page can also be used as inspiration in creating custom flavor combinations to fit the style of the occasion.


Feel free to give me all the details you are looking for in the "details" section at the bottom of this form. Have a Pinterest board full of cake inspo? Send it my way.

I look forward to learning more about your cake vision.

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Thank You! We will be in touch shortly.If you have any questions before you are contacted check out the FAQ pageHERE.

Photo courtesy of NuGen Media